Making a Donation to Global Visionary Women Network

Our Chosen Charity is Little Angels Foundation, a charitable organisation based both in the UK and in Cameroon, that is set up to care for, educate, empower and support orphans, while extending outreach services to destitute women and families in Cameroon and the UK.

One of the ways in which you can assist to make sure the vital work of the Global Visionary Women Network continues is by making a regular donation, no matter how small. Donations are a fantastic way to support the Global Visionary Women Network, giving us long-term sustainable funding.

You can donate as little or as much as you wish. For example, you can give us as little as £1 a month, which works out at only 25p per week (less than the price of a chocolate bar!).

Global Visionary Women Network is not only funded by a few donations from companies or individuals. We are funded by membership fees as well. So please you can join us by Clicking Here.


Your donations and membership fees will allow us support  Little Angels Foundation  to do one or more of the followings:

  • Provide temporal or permanent shelter for disadvantaged children and orphans
  • Improve the health & wellbeing of children and the disadvantaged
  • Provide financial support for education advancement of disadvantaged children
  • Provide Education and Health Infrastructures to a girl child or an orphan
  • Provide counselling support to distressed children, youths, and families
  • Provide a Vocational Training Centre or College
  • Refurbishment of the orphanage building in the Republic of Cameroon

Your donations will allow us to actively work and grow.

We can’t do it without your help. Please support us today.

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