Global Secretary and Africa Chair

First and foremost, Adeline Sede is an entrepreneur. Always innovative and looking to make a change, her mercurial nature has found plenty of creative outlets in the business world. Additionally, as an active member of the community, she has used her skills to make a positive change by influencing policy making and instigating change where possible to make people’s lives better. Most importantly, in everything she does, Adeline aims to empower men and women to achieve their dreams.

Her qualifications alone single her out as someone exceptional. With a degree in Corporate Communications (University of Douala) and masters in Human Resource Management (Coventry University) she is also a fully qualified project manager and has served as a mentor for people from her community as well as from the corporate world.

Her educational and professional expertise has lent her vast amount of business know how and a boundless can-do attitude that is evident to anyone who meets her. Working with businesses to develop a strong management technique in various key areas such as marketing, planning and finance, she has collaborated with leading companies to create practical solutions to development and growth issues through workshops and conferences, as well as facilitating sessions with chief executives and middle management in order to achieve their objectives.

As the CEO of FabAfriq magazine her focus has been (and always will be) the promotion and uplifting of The African culture. Distributed throughout the UK and Europe, the magazine and its associated website ( serve as platforms by which inspiring Africans are showcased and celebrated, it is also a stage by which the privileged and underprivileged can be heard. The magazine is also as informative as it is inspirational and provides a wealth of information on everything from political issues and parenting to healthcare. Through publishing articles on people providing a positive impact on change in Africa and which inspire change and innovation she has touched the lives of many Africans living at home and abroad.

From project management to her constructive workshops through to her own personal project – FabAfriq magazine – she has sought to inspire and develop the next generation so they can follow their own dreams, much as she has her own.

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