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It is a great pleasure and honour to welcome you to the first edition of Global Visionary Woman Magazine. The Global Visionary Woman Magazine (GVW) was conceived and birthed as another unique global platform to reach out to millions of men and women globally, and empower, inspire, and transform their mindsets and beliefs through the inspiring messages, stories, and courage of great/ courageous women and male role models; who dared to believe in themselves and in the indispensable role of women in paving the way forward to bring about positive change in our world.

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The Global Visionary Woman (GVW) Magazine is a bi-annual magazine which is available both in print and in digital formats. It will be distributed globally through our online/ Partner’s and Stakeholder’s online platforms, websites, and during our annual events and all year round (through our Global Ambassadors, at Partner events, summits, symposiums, away trips, etc).

The Global Visionary Woman Magazine features exclusive and inspiring interviews and success strategies of Global Pioneers and Champions that challenge cultural/ societal stereotypes and endorse equality, diversity, and inclusiveness at all levels of institutional and societal development and leadership.

It also features our major activities, achievements, and showcases upcoming female innovators and leaders in different fields, while proposing recommendations on how women can take the lead and drive change within their immediate communities and afar. The Magazine is very resourceful and full of practical guides, for anyone looking at gaining an insight into some of the challenges faced by these women and how they overcome them through their actions and remain resilient.

As a Global Magazine with a keen interest in female leadership and innovation, we are very keen to work with women/ corporate partners that have got a drive and a passion to reach out and impact more women within their immediate communities, in the workplace, and/ or globally. Consequently, we continually look at innovative and sustainable ways to support, uphold, and promote increasingly more women, by organizing conferences and conventions that create unique opportunities and platforms for them to come along and share their visions and success stories while connecting and learning from highly established leaders and pioneers.


You can contribute to GVW Magazine by advertising in it, sponsoring a story/article and sharing this with your network for others to join in.

Advertising in The GVWN magazine will help strengthen and position your brand globally as a champion for equality, diversity, and inclusiveness, and further, endorse and promote your services. We aspire to draw from your vision and brand, bringing out the innovation in you; to inspire, educate, empower, and transform lives and communities at local, national, and international levels.

Becoming a Corporate Partner

As a corporate partner, you position your brand as a community and global driven brand which supports national initiatives and engagements that foster equality, diversity, and inclusiveness. Most Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives are geared towards different community activities. Sponsoring the GVW Magazine will boost your brand’s image and fortify its position.  Advertising in the GVWN Magazine is a great step to help in the continuity/ expansion of our activities –Workshops, symposiums, Masterclasses, seminars, etc, and inspire community/societal development and sustainability.




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